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Managing Partners

10th Hole Productions, LLC was formed to be a developer of and investor in meaningful independent films.  10th Hole’s Managing Partners, Andy Sawyer and Neil Katz, have each had a longstanding personal interest in film and had each been involved individually before formally coming together in 2008.  Sawyer, a film buff since childhood, formed Deer Path Films to provide critical financing for Eli Roth’s feature debut, Cabin Fever (2003), enabling it to be picked up and distributed by Lions Gate.  Katz has been a two-decade patron of the Film Society of Lincoln Center.  Both Sawyer and Katz reside in Westport, CT with their families and support the Westport Cinema Initiative, which is looking to bring film festivals and ultimately a new theater back to Westport, CT.

For submissions and other inquiries, please email us at info@10thholeproductions.com.

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